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3ds Max Basics

3ds Max is the standard in the Archviz industry, and not only. It’s not simply the 3d software, but also the entire “galaxy” of 3d models, plugins and the incredible amount of libraries, that makes this software so powerful.

In these lessons you will learn the basics of 3ds Max: the minimum necessary to enjoy the entire Corona course.

01 10′ 10”
Let’s start from zero: The 3ds Max Interface – UI

02 13′ 00”
How to Create objects & Navigate the scene

03 9′ 00”
3ds Max offers different ways to select object: Selection Tools

04 11′ 00”
Let’s explore the Basic Functions

05 12′ 30”
Three very important tools to learn: Pivot, Snaps and Constrains

06 9′ 10”
All the way we have in 3ds max to Clone objects

07 11′ 20”
The most important modifier to model: Edit Poly

08 9′ 50”
Use Edit Spline modifier to edit and create new shapes

09 14′ 00”
Modifiers available in 3ds Max

10 11′ 20”
How UV Coordinates work in 3ds Max

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