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Module | Artificial Intelligence Module
Artificial Intelligence

By Artificial Intelligence we mean a series of tools and services, very different from each other. In fact, AI is not only the “generation of random images”. Although very popular, this application represents only a small part of the whole.

This new technological trend exploits new calculation systems based on analogies with already existing structures. At the moment there is no standard for the use of this technology, therefore in this module I will only offer you concrete tools, based on artificial intelligence, which can be tested and introduced into a personal workflow.

How do I suggest you approach AI
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01 10′ 00”
Topaz Video – AI to enhance footage
Interpolation and Upscaling to save calculation time

02 10′ 40”
Dalle-E – The AI Artist
Editing and Outpaiting for contextual image generation

03 12′ 20”
Photoshop – AI Remove Tool
Tool for removing distracting elements

04 11′ 30”
AI Midjourney
Basic commands for output control

05 12′ 30”
AI Midjourney Commands
How to control the creative process

06 6′ 30”
Combine ChatGPT with 3ds Max
How to create a simple Macro for your needs

The AI world changes day by day so this module is more like a blog
From time to time I will upload lessons on concrete applications in our workflow

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