Module – Walkthrough Animation

Module | Walkthrough Animation Module
Walkthrough Animation

Animation in the field of architectural rendering is an exploration of well-composed shots, made through specific camera movements. In this module you will learn the movement styles and how to implement them in 3ds Max through the use of animation for Keyframe.

Then you will also learn the fundamental techniques for the production of frame sequences avoiding flickering effects and reducing rendering times.

01 6′ 10”
Walkthrough animations can be simplified in the calculation
Let’s try to understand the structure of the process, breaking it down into 2 parts

02 8′ 30”
‘Emotional’ architectural animation has its own visual language
Study and learn to recognize camera movements and how to imitate them correctly

03 13′ 00”
Let’s implement camera movements thanks to the use of Autokey
Learn how to edit the keys of the animation to make complex movements

04 18′ 10”
Complete workflow from pre-calculation to final sequence
Import frames into After Effects and fix some problems

05 12′ 00”
Techniques to drastically reduce RenderTime and flickering
Interpolation & application of denoise to sequences in post-production

06 10′ 00”
How to correctly use a farm: let’s explore Fox Render
Desktop app, tests and production, with 50% discount for RI students

07 10′ 30”
Is it possible to correct some flicker errors in post-production?
Combine the power of an external denoiser plugin, with animated masks in After Effects

08 12′ 20”
Panorama animation with 1 single 360° render
How to render 200 frames in less than 5 mins

09 9′ 00”
How to add animated elements in AE
Pre-composing and adding fire

10 13′ 10”
How to handle objects in perspective
Objects integration with masks and Power Pins

11 11′ 30”
Let’s introduce the 3d Camera tracking in AE
How to track and replace the fire

12 12′ 10”
Tracking a plane in perspective
How to add the rain effect on the side window

13 17′ 00”
Animating the Depth-of-Field in AE
Camera Lens blur and Lenscare plugin

14 15′ 10”
Camera Handheld effect / shacking
How to implement AE expressions

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