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Corona Engine

The Goal of this module is to deepen the knowledge of Corona Rendering, starting from the basics up to covering a wide range of concepts and tools that the engine makes available. The tools explored in this module concern both INTERIORS and EXTERIORS.

This module is preparatory to obtaining the Certifications:
– Corona User Certification
– Lighting Specialist Certification

INTRO 2′ 50”
Introduction to the Corona Render module and its philosophy
Why this engine is just perfect for Archviz

01 5′ 30”
Render settings: all focused in a few practical controls
Interactive rendering for tests and 2 and 5% thresholds for the final render

02 3′ 20″
Denoiser: Basic concept and time / noise correlation
When and how to use it to significantly reduce rendering times

03 6′ 40″
Render tools: a series of tools that allow you to speed up production
The power of the Region Render, Interactive, Resume and Render Select.

04 5′ 10″
Corona Cam: technical aspects of the Corona Camera
Properties and differences in exposure control with Global, Simple EV and Photographic ISO

05 4′ 40″
Depth of Field: What it is and what conditions make it visible
How to vary the focus point and easily manage the DOF working at fixed exposure

06 5′ 30″
Motion Blur, Bokeh effect and how to improve render times
adjusting the GI / Antialiasing balance of Corona

07 8′ 40″
Simulation of natural light using Corona Sun and HDRI maps
Pros and cons of the two lighting solutions

08 5′ 40”
Artificial lights A: Power / size relation and basic shapes available for light sources
Simulation of photometric curves with the use of IES files

09 6′ 20″
Artificial lights B: Manage the color of the light and the relation between source / shadow size
Light simulation using the Corona Light Material

10 6′ 50″
Virtual Frame Buffer (VFB) A: the relevance of post production and highlights
Differences between Highlight Compress and Filmic Highlight

11 7′ 30″
Virtual Frame Buffer (VFB) B: Counterbalance the loss of detail in black tones
LUT, Bloom & Glare and more considerations about the Denoiser

12 8′ 00″
Light Mix: Manage this powerful tool to control lights in post production
How to optimize its use in your workflow and combining it with the Denoiser

13 5′ 30″
Displacement A: Definition and practical application in a red brick wall
Using Screen Size and all the differences with the World Size option

14 4′ 20″
Displacement B: Use it for towels, rugs and coffee beans
Autobump concept and how to set Screen Size to manage detail differences

15 8′ 30″
Scatter A: How to scatter numerous objects on a surface
Control of the variations of rotation, density, height and frequency of each single object

16 6′ 50″
Scatter B: Distribution of objects on splines and in 3d volumes
How to control the Scatter, modify objects and orient them correctly on a surface

17 7′ 10″
Caustics: How they are created and how to simulate them in Corona
Set the good wave and how to calculate caustics in a separate image

18 6′ 00″
Proxy: what they do and how they improve the viewport experience
How to export to Proxy, modify them and eventually reassign their material

19 7′ 10″
Volumetric Light: How to create an environment that can simulate it
Relation between Vlumetric light and Directionality. ‘Enviro Distance’ setting

20 4′ 50″
Virtual Reality (VR) A: Introduction and concepts of spherical / cubic mapping
How to set up a VR camera and display 360 ° images and 3D Strereoscopy

21 5′ 00″
Virtual Reality (VR) B: Spherical / cubic maps comparison and introduction to Layama
Create correct paths for Layama and export the Virtual Tour for a web page

22 7′ 30″
Materials Library: How to enjoy the incredible Corona’s Material Library
Use of the World size and simple editing to adapt the materials to your needs


23 15′ 30″
How to create a scene using only ready-made assets
Material Library + Material Presets + Cosmos


24 11′ 10″
Let’s explore the Corona Volume Grid tool
How to simulare a fireplace with VDB Files

Engine Certification

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