Module – Exterior Renders

Module | Exterior Renders Module
Exterior Renders

Make the difference with a professional approach to Lighting and Vegetation.
This module focuses on exteriors, examining all Lighting techniques. We will study vegetation distribution using masks. Additionally, we will delve into advanced HDRI management to optimize the workflow.


Concepts & Goals of the Module

01 16′ 00”
Scatter & Alphas – vegetation using masks created in Photoshop
to customize distribution of your assets.

02 18′ 45”
Sunny scenario – It is the most wanted lighting for commercial projects
Let’s understand how to learn using references

03 20′ 10”
Sunset & Overcast – These are special scenarios because
they can evoke different emotions from an image

04 23′ 20”
Night Mood / Blue Hour – Working with artificial lights can be very powerful,
especially if you take advantage of Lightmix.

05 21′ 00”
Advanced HDRI – Lighting a scene by using an HDRI map
also using advanced tips to optimize the process

06 16′ 00”
Megascans – Take advantage of a recognized 3D asset source
to enrich your scenes and increase realism

07 – In Production
Fog Effect – Use Volumetric feature to add atmosphere
Include/exclude areas to avoid fog where not required

Think before Rendering

Realistic Interiors