FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Is the official ‘Corona User Certification’ included?
Absolutely yes. This course includes all the necessary topics that enable you to learn Corona Renderer. This entitles all members who pass the various verification questions, to get the ‘Corona User’ Certification. This certification is valid for 2 years.

Is ‘Lighting Specialist‘ certification included?
Yes it is included, and to get it there is a practical / theoretical exam. The exam will be taken directly with the instructor Ciro Sannino and it is customized according to the portfolio presented at the time of the request.

Do certifications have an additional cost?
No, all the certifications indicated in the list of services offered are included in the cost.

What software versions are used?
Corona Rendering 7 – Corona is an engine made to be simple to use, which is why the course is also highly compatible with previous versions.
3ds Max, minim version allowed: 2016.

Can I download the videos?
The videos are available in streaming at any time, infinite times, and are not downloadable.

How many times can I contact the support for clarification?
The didactic support is always at your disposal for any doubt or clarification regarding the lessons.


Do I need to know Corona to take the course?
Absolutely not, the course starts from the scratch to gradually lead you to the most advanced and complex concepts, not only regarding rendering but also of the artistic and photographic approach.

Do I need to know 3ds Max to take the course?
It is necessary at least to know a little the interface, but we have something for you: Contact us at info@realisticinteriors.com so we can add 6 extra lessons to start with 3ds Max to your account.

How to get the software?

3ds Max – You can get here the ‘Indie License
Or you can apply for a free EDU license, by submitting proof of enrollment in high school or university / master.
Corona Renderer – Thanks to the partnership with Corona Renderer, the first 50 Realistic Interior students can get a 20% discount on the purchase of a commercial license


Which payment systems are available?
VISA / Mastercard Debit & Credit Card and Bank Transfer. Select the preferred option in the registration page.

Can I pay with a personal card and pay the invoice to a company?
Yes, just register by filling in the company fields, or even add them after the purchase to get the correct invoice.

How much does the annual renewal cost?
It will be possible to renew access to the platform and all services with 49 EUR / year and exclusively concerns the services offered by Realistic Interiors.

Is it possible to pay in installments?
Yes! Scroll down and search for the link “Pay in 2 Installments” at the > bottom of the Course Page Info

100% Refund – 30days Guarantee
Within 30 days from the day of purchase, it is possible to request a full refund.

Is it possible to make a group purchase?
Yes: get 20% discount on the total if you subscribe 2 people at once. Contact us at info@realisticinteriors.com to access this offer

For any doubt or clarification, contact us at info@realisticinteriors.com