Module – Lighting Specialist

Module | Lighting Specialist Module
Lighting Specialist

In this module you will learn a Method for Lighting scenes in a Photographic way. The method consists of a step-by-step process, which will allow mastering the Chiaroscuro, Hierarchy of lights, physical laws and photographic rules. The render engine used is Corona Renderer, but the course is suitable for any other engine (eg V-Ray) given that the lights are implemented with parameters available in all photorealistic rendering software

By mastering the Lighting, you will be able to make the most of your creativity and imagination.

Before to start – Read it!
There’s a very important message for you

01 7′ 30”
Chiaroscuro is the only real goal to be achieved
Let’s deepen the origins, the fundamental elements and let’s train ourselves to recognize it

02 10′ 40”
How it works and how to read the Hierarchy of Lights
Finding the balance between primary, secondary, fill and accents lights

03 10′ 05”
Applying the Hierarchy of lights in a real situation
What steps to follow to ‘sculpt‘ a scene with the use of lights

04 8′ 35”
How to create soft Natural Light
Approach based on the angle formed between the room and natural light

05 8′ 52”
How to create a nocturnal atmosphere
Analysis, implementation of lights, with in-depth analysis on Chiaroscuro

06 7′ 40”
More complex nocturnal hierarchies
Use all layers of the hierarchy to ‘sculpt‘ and enrich an image

07 8′ 14”
Each shot needs its own lighting adaptation
Manage different cameras with the Manage State Scene

08 10′ 40”
How to control Natural lighting in large interiors
Analysis and research of gradients & steps in various areas of the scene

09 9′ 00”
Nighttime lighting in large rooms
Turn a daytime lighting into a night light with the LightMix

10 7′ 30”
The inverse of the square law in Photography
How and why the decay of light produces different gradients

11 8′ 10”
Practical applications of the inverse of the square law
Practical examples and solutions based on this physical law

12 6′ 00”
The importance of reflections in photography
Extension of the hierarchy to the 5th layer for the control of reflections

13 10′ 30”
How to use specular reflections correctly
Why the detail lights increase the visual value of the image

14 6′ 10”
How to use a background in a nighttime scene
What factors allow you to harmonize a background with the render

15 8′ 30”
How to use a background in a daytime scene
Balance between light and background, direction and use of HDRIs

16 9′ 20”
How to arrange a good lighting for a single furniture
Illuminate your pieces is a white, abstract and infinite space

‘Lighting Specialist’ – Verification questions

Correctly answer all the questions included in each lesson

‘Lighting Specialist’ Certification

Necessary requirement:
– Correctly answer all the questions included in each lesson
– Post at least 3 different images in the Working Group, with comments to the Lighting
– Contact me at to book the final certification exam (it will be customized)

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